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Code of Conduct

The students who are admitted to Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences shall observe the following code of conduct.

  1. The students should conduct themselves in an exemplary manner that shall be a model for other students.
  2. All students will strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Institute. Students who deliberately break these rules will be expelled from the Institute.
  3. The Institute will function between 9 a.m. to 5p.m. on all working days. The students should be present during these hours and sincerely apply themselves to studies.
  4. The students shall attend the classes regularly and punctually. A minimum attendance of 80% in each subject is required as a condition of eligibility for appearing for University Examination.
  5. All students shall attend the Institute in a dress code befitting medical students.
  6. The students shall always bring with them the prescribed books and instruments for the classes. They shall handle laboratory equipment carefully. If students do not follow or fail to understand anything in the class, they should feel free to approach the concerned teacher immediately after the class or at any convenient time in the department for clarification. Teachers would be happy to clear their doubts and guide them.
  7. The students while working in the Hospital and in the community should be polite to their patients and conduct themselves in a manner which will uphold the reputation of the Institute and the medical profession.
  8. As per the University regulations, periodic interval evaluation tests will be conducted. The marks allotted to these examinations are 20% of the total marks of the final University Examination. Hence, the students shall attend these examinations and should obtain 50% of the marks to be eligible to appear for the University examination.
  9. The students shall not participate in strikes or resort to any violent form of demonstration, which will be detrimental to the cause of medical education.
  10. The students shall always carry with them the identity card issued by the institute. Admission to Library, Sports/Gym, Institute functions, etc, will be done only on production of the Identity Card.
  11. The students who stay in the hostel shall strictly follow the rules and regulations of the hostels, failing which they will evicted from the hostel.
  12. The senior students should on no account harass new entrants to the Institute in the name of ragging. There is a statutory provision to expel a student from the Institute and to institute criminal proceedings against such students for the offence of ragging. Ragging is a criminal offence and the institution views it seriously. An anti-ragging committee is constituted and is monitoring the situation regularly. For any complaints the aggrieved students/ Parents may contact the members.
  13. The progress of the students is periodically intimated to the parents. If there is any change of address of the parent, the same should be communicated to the Principal. In addition, it is desirable that the parents should contact the principal at least once in 6 months to know the progress of their ward. The parents are requested to co-operate with the principal to maintain discipline.
  14. In case of any problem, students are advised to contact the Principal/Academic registrar/ wardens of KIMS mens/ladies hostels as deemed necessary.